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E11: Lola Pons: Una Lengua Muy Muy Larga

Una Lengua Muy Muy Larga

A conversation with Dr. Lola Pons Rodriguez, a philologist, language historian, and professor at the University of Seville, who is also the author of multiple publications, including "The Tree of Language" and "A Very Long Language". This fantastic book collects short narratives tracing the history of our language, which was born in Castilla, a historical region located in the Iberian Peninsula. A Romance language, daughter of Latin and grew between the 11th and 16th centuries as the territory expanded. This is not an academic text, but it instructs us on a topic that goes unnoticed and that we underestimate despite being the foundation of our communication. It is also not a historical text, but it provides us with the etymology and linguistic changes that our language has suffered since its inception. At first glance, languages are a geographical accident, but behind each one and specifically behind Spanish, there is an extensive and picturesque history that explains the process of linguistic assimilation and transformation that has taken place centuries after its birth. This is a book of great historical value, written for a general audience in a very captivating and entertaining way. For more information about Lola, visit: To purchase your copy of A Very Very Long Language:


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