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E12: Javiera Cortez: Conversaciones con Autores - Sobredosis

A conversation with Chilean writer Javiera Cortez about her novel Overdose. A completely visceral novel. A dark romance that tells the story of Abby, a woman whose life takes a drastic turn, due to social pressure from her friends and the relationship she enters into with a completely destructive character. Abby's life undergoes a transformative process that takes her away from everything she once loved and took for granted; her career, her family and her future in general.

This is a completely atypical story, far from the social conventions that define love and explores the darkest and most destructive extremes of a relationship. And a story that perhaps exaggerates or perhaps opens our eyes to the lifestyle of those who live on the edge of the legal and safe, and that is devoured from cover to cover.


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