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E8: Vanessa Londoño: El Asedio Animal

A conversation with Vanessa Londoño (@vanessalondonol) about her novel "El Asedio Animal". A chronicle of those who have been violated by multiple types of violence in Latin America, from armed conflict to gender violence.

Vanessa shares with us a lyrical prose written with great subtlety and artistic skill; full of literary figures and beautiful semantic vehicles, despite dealing with such a complicated and visceral topic as violence.

These are heart-wrenching stories of a society vulnerable to criminals, the state, and a gender hierarchy marked by a lack of social context and entrenched in traditions that violate the rights and lives of women and children.

Her narration draws parallels to stories that we have once heard or read, but unfortunately escape collective memory. However, these are stories that we all need to hear and read.

Vanessa is a Colombian lawyer and journalist, a master in creative writing from New York University, and winner of the Aura Estrada award.


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