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E22: Mauro F. Guillén: How today's biggest trends will collide and reshape the future of everything

We sat with Dr. Mauro F. Guillén to discuss his latest book, 2030, how today’s biggest trends will collide and reshape the future of everything. Dr. Guillén is the Dean at the Cambridge Judge Business School and a Fellow of Queen's College at the University of Cambridge. An expert in global market trends, and a renown, educator, speaker, and consultant.

The book’s subtitle couldn’t be more descriptive about what to expect when you read the book. 2030 is not a distant future and the forces leading to the world described in the book are in play now, and its outcomes affect most of the people alive today.

Dr. Guillén argues that our near future is not driven by one single great force that will change everything, but rather by a series of different global trends that will change the world as we know it.

The book is split into eight chapters, each tackling a different trend and describing how it will affect our (near) future. From a rapidly growing and aging population to the future of technology, and the role of global connectivity, the role of cities in global warming, the shift of the middle class as we know it, and shits in women’s wealth.

All his predictions are backed by solid statistical analysis and projections, as well as a set of principles to help us prepare for the years ahead, until we hit that mark in 2030. A future that requires us to act decisively and timely but that is full of opportunities.



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