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E25: Eileen Cardet: Urano

We sat down with Eileen Cardet to chat about her new book, Urano. Eileen is a seasoned writer and journalist who has won an Emmy award and is a presenter for Univision 23, on her show Noticias 23, Al Amanecer.

Eileen introduced us to her new book, Urano. A wonderful novel that is intimate, filled with eroticism and sexuality that breaks taboos, while interweaving its narrative with a social critique. The novel tells the story of three friends who go through a transformative process that forces them to confront their decisions, and question the paradigms on which they have based their lives; their marriages, their sexual preferences, and their values.

Her narration draws parallels to stories we may have heard or read before, but that may remain in the shadow of social stigmas.

Join us in this great interview to learn more about this wonderful book and its author.


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