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E3: Noelia Colmenarejo: Un Currículum Perfecto

The first book by Noelia Colmenarejo, who has been working for the Municipal Police of Madrid in the unit for victims of gender-based violence for over 10 years. A crime that for years was trivialized, but has gained strength and relevance in an era when social justice movements have advanced beyond cultural and political spheres.

Colmenarejo explores in a very personal way the spectrum of different types of gender-based violence, with emphasis on one in particular: gender-based violence by powers. That in which the aggressor makes use of justice to pressure and retaliate against any action taken by the victim.

The book is narrated by two of its characters, both in the first person and with contradictory and irreconcilable perspectives, culminating in an outcome that may be somewhat predictable (as it approaches its climax) but ultimately satisfying. Although it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The dichotomy between the objective tone of one of its narrators and the inconsistent and frivolous tone of the other is an allegory of how a predominantly machista society often tries to dilute the impact of this type of crime.

Beyond the literary, the book offers an intimate and sober perspective on a rather complex subject. A book that joins a media machine amplified by different means to raise awareness and demystify this crime and its effect both for victims and for the laws designed for their protection. Highly recommended!

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