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E31: Gabriela Tafur: En todo su derecho

We sat down with Gabriela Tafur to discuss her book "En Todo su Derecho". It's a mixture of biography, chronicle, essay, and critique about social justice and equality issues, using her personal and professional experiences as a lawyer, communicator, and beauty queen as the vehicle.

The book covers a variety of topics, ranging from the dichotomy of beauty pageants, where it confronts the prejudices of a macho society, to the progressive appropriation of those who see it as a tool to showcase the importance of women's role in our society. It discusses the chronic problems with the Colombian prison system, from her experience working to uphold the human rights of prisoners. And it talks about the aftermath of the armed conflict and the civilian victims who learned to live among crossfire, death.

The book gives a pragmatic, critical, and assertive look at our country on issues that should echo in our daily lives, but unfortunately are lost among the indifference of a society that has learned to turn a blind eye to injustice while many others suffer.


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