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E28: Emmanuel Rincón: El decálogo del hombre igualitario

We sat down with Emmanuel Rincón to discuss his latest book, The Decalogue of the Equalitarian Man.

A dystopian novel about a totalitarian regime that indoctrinates society under the premise of equality, sterilizes individual thought and eliminates all democratic elements; it implements an economic model that leads the country to ruin, a persistent civil conflict where opposing factions violently struggle to regain power, or maybe that is how it is shown, since there is also a propaganda machine that controls and disseminates information.

A work that shows us the "What if?" the "what would happen" if the United States, a capitalist nation characterized by individual freedoms, were to live under the totalitarian yoke that countries such as Venezuela have gone through. Ultimately, an extremely interesting and highly relevant novel, as it presents a criticism of all the totalitarian regimes that exist today.

A highly recommended book!

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