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E20: Lola Pons: El árbol de la lengua

An interview with Lola Pons about her book, "The Tree of Language". A wonderful book that collects articles that Lola has been writing for over a decade, and that defend (on a personal basis, but with academic arguments) the linguistic purity, while presenting the norms and principles that many of us are unaware of but are part of that historical fabric for centuries since its origin. The book uses a wonderful metaphor to organize these 69 articles by comparing language to a tree, and presents us in a simple and humorous way, a series of syntactic, grammatical, and phonetic principles through practical examples. For example, that forced sound that some of us use to differentiate b and v; or the battle to maintain the relevance of h; or to avoid the extinction of ñ that led some to propose Spain's exit from the EU; or the phonetic phenomena that have given us Luis Miguel's characteristic "amaréte". This is a text full of anecdotes and a lot of history, that makes us enjoy its reading from beginning to end, while explaining why we speak the way we do. For more information about Lola, visit: or to purchase your copyárbol-lengua-Spanish-Lola-Rodr%C3%ADguez/dp/8417623434


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