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E49: Emerging Global Cities

To listen to the audio version:

We had an amazing opportunity to speak with Professors Alejandro Portes y Ariel C. Armony and discuss their book "Emerging Global Cities: Origin, Structure, and Significance." A groundbreaking book that explores the rapid and unexpected rise of certain urban places, reshaping global urban studies. The book identifies a myriad of factors that allow certain cities to become centers of commerce, finance, art, and culture for entire regions. Throughout the book, the authors trace the transformations of Dubai, Miami, and Singapore, highlighting key features that are common to these emerging global cities. Additionally, they contrast these cities with "global hopefuls," which are cities that aspired to attain similar status but faced challenges that prevented them from achieving it. The book concludes with an analysis of Hong Kong, which is currently facing the risk of losing its global status.

We hope you enjoy this conversation, and as always, thank you for watching and listening.

About the authors:

Professor Armory leads the University of Pittsburgh's global engagement and strategy as the Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, and has written extensively on democracy, civil society, and China's relations with Latin America. He holds fellowships from organizations such as the Woodrow Wilson Center and the Fulbright, Rockefeller, and Kellogg Foundations.

Professor Portes, is a Professor of (Emeritus) Sociology at Princeton University and Professor of Law at the University of Miami. He is the founding director of the Center for Migration and Development at Princeton and has taught at several prestigious universities, with a remarkable publication record, including more than 250 articles and chapters, 40 books, and special issues, his expertise covers topics such as national development, international migration, Latin American and Caribbean urbanization, and economic sociology.


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