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E5: Leila Cobo: Decoding Despacito - An oral history of Latin Music

We sat with Leila Cobo to discuss her latest book Decoding Despacito, an oral history of Latin music.

Ms. Cobo is a pianist, novelist, journalist, TV host and executive editor for Latin content and programming for Billboard.

The book is great. It gives us an overview of the transformational nature of the Latin music, and a look back at the industry’s history over the past five decades, delivering a unique perspective from each of those who fought to bring songs to life and into the market: songwriters, artists vocalists, producers, arrangers, spouses, and the anonymous stories that inspired some of the lyrics.

The beautiful and poetic narrative full of colorful and rich stories are evidence of Ms. Cobo’s mastery as a seasoned storyteller and her extensive knowledge of the music industry, which makes Decoding Despacito a beautifully written, timeless, and extremely relevant read.


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