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E38: Clearer, Closer, Better

We were pleased to chat with Dr. Emily Balcetis, PhD. She is a professor of Psychology at New York University. Her research focuses on visual perception, and how small differences in the way we perceive the world can have major implications in our motivation and the persistence towards achieving goals.

Dr. Balcetis’s most recent book Clearer, Closer, Better, examines the physiological, cognitive, and behavioral aspects that impact how effective we are in setting up, visualizing, materializing, monitoring and achieving our personal and professional goals.

The book assembles numerous scientific studies, stories of highly achieving people, and Dr. Balcetis' own personal experience, with a hint of self-deprecating humor and very funny stories (I might add), making this book not just very entertaining but also quite insightful, unpacking a treasure trove of science-based resources we can all use to condition ourselves in order to achieve physical and cognitive goals.


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