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Meet the Team

Books Over Drinks is an literary magazine and podcast of interviews with authors and experts about science, technology, history, philosophy, politics, and current events. The goal of this program is to break down different topics and promote a love for knowledge, debate, and reading.

Panos is a globe-trotting literary enthusiast working in Finance and based out of Europe.

Drink of Choice: A mildly cold barrel-aged lager.

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Jairo is an Engineer by trade, and literary enthusiast by choice, with a passion for non-fiction. Based out of the US.

Drink of Choice: A good Old Fashioned

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Carlos is an Architect with a passion for literature. Based out of Colombia but traveling his way around thrillers, dark novels, and history books.

Drink of Choice: A Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14, neat

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Mariana is a journalist and social communicator based out of Colombia. A literary enthusiast with a passion for thrillers.

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Ricky is a Colombia-based generalist interested in a wide range of subjects. His main interests lie at the intersection of philosophy, technology, and spirituality.

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