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Meet the Team

We are a collective of both supporters and contrarians, sharing a passion for the written word, debating ideas, and exploring a wide range of topics from history to science and everything in between.

Panos is a globe-trotting literary enthusiast working in Finance and based out of Europe.

Drink of Choice: A mildly cold barrel-aged lager.

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Jairo is an Engineer by trade, and literary enthusiast by choice, with a passion for non-fiction. Based out of the US.

Drink of Choice: A good Old Fashioned

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Carlos is an Architect with a passion for literature. Based out of Colombia but traveling his way around thrillers, dark novels, and history books.

Drink of Choice: A Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14, neat

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Mariana is a journalist and social communicator based out of Colombia. A literary enthusiast with a passion for thrillers.

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Ricky is a Colombia-based generalist interested in a wide range of subjects. His main interests lie at the intersection of philosophy, technology, and spirituality.

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